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It is my belief that every parent wishes to have a loving connection with their child, but so many times life seems to get in the way. I am here because I want to support and guide you into being the peaceful parent you want to be, so you can enjoy the connection you dream of having with your children.


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​As your Peaceful Parenting coach, I will help you Choose Love by

  • Listening to you and gaining insight into your family dynamic and the challenges you are facing. Together we will acknowledge what is working and let it grow.

  • Supporting you as you become aware of your triggers and learn to regulate your emotions, so you can in turn, teach your children to manage and regulate theirs.

  • Using the latest research in brain science and connection, I will help you reframe your child’s behavior, which will allow you to see the need they are showing you, and give you more space for emotional generosity.

  • We will come up with a personalized, practical plan that will have you calmer and more connected to your child, who will then be more willing to cooperate. 

  • This means more laughter and joy in your lives and more time to delight in your children!



Entering into a relationship with a Peaceful Parent Coach, is therapeutic, but it is not therapy.  It feels kind of like confiding to a good friend, but one that has done the extra research and read the books and is up to date on the latest brain research!  

In today's world, many people think nothing of working with a doula, lactation consultant, personal trainer, therapist, dog trainer, sleep specialist, nutritionist, landscape or interior designer.  We cannot all specialize in knowing everything, so we search for someone that we connect with and can relate to in order to learn and be given guidance in an area of our lives that we need to learn, grow or change.

Children are the future.

Investing in a Parent Coach is an investment in yourself, your child, your family, your future and the future of the world.  


Let me help you 



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