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Have you thought of having a speaker at your next meeting?  I would love to speak at your event.  


Together, we will choose a subject that is relevant to your group. Having someone talk about universal parenting issues really helps normalize the parent experience and breaks down the isolating walls of fear, loneliness and shame that many parents feel. 


I will begin by introducing the chosen subject, and leave plenty of the time for questions and answers from parents.  When people start sharing their struggles, not only do they they receive on the spot guidance, but others relate to the issues that are brought up and realize they are not alone. 


This is how real connection begins.  By engaging the members of your organization in an open and free discussion, I can help transform a group of people into a community.  Conversations continue and walls of isolation fall away.  A community that supports and empathizes with each other grows.  Before you know it, they will be sharing their victories as well!


I am available to speak at parent groups, preschools, grammar schools, conferences and parent education groups in Los Angeles, California and beyond.  


Please contact me for more information.  

Subject Ideas:
  • Peaceful Parent 101
  • Connection Creates Cooperation
  • Setting Empathetic Limits
  • Transition from Trying to Taming  Tantrums to Welcoming Emotions
  • Scheduled Meltdowns
  • Introducing a New Sibling
  • Beyond Punishment
  • Co-Parenting Peacefully
  • Siblings for Life
  • Why not Rewards and Punishments?
  • Rough housing
  • Special Time
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