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I am so thankful to have been able to work with Thanna even though we lived very far from each other. She provided support through Skype sessions and that allowed us to schedule time without having to figure out childcare. We were struggling with bedtime with our 4 year old as she would not allow herself to settle enough to fall asleep even though it was clear she was exhausted. Thanna worked with us to figure out a bedtime routine which also allowed us to make time for connection each day despite our hectic and busy schedule. She offered several suggestions for ways to connect with my daughter as she was feeling more disconnected after having become a big sister. Thanna was, also, instrumental in guiding my husband to understand gentle parenting and he was able to see why it was so important to me that we parent in this way rather than use punitive measures. Thank you so much for your gentle, kind, encouraging, and patient guidance, Thanna! You have never given up on us even when I felt like nothing was going to change our struggles. This work is hard but worth it. The "challenging" aspects we face as parents are tough but those "challenging behaviors" our children demonstrate is what will make our children emotionally intelligent, independent, and wonderful adults.

—  April O.

     Mother of two

     San Diego, CA

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