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Workshops that Support Parents while Creating and Strengthening Community


CLP workshops introduce parents to Peaceful Parenting, by reframing children's behavior and providing the science behind the three big ideas of Dr. Laura Markham's Peaceful Parenting model.  By sharing research, humor and real life examples, parents are engaged and given tools they can begin using immediately in their homes. 

Each workshop stands alone.  When given as a series, they build upon each other and provide support to guide parents as they transition to parenting peacefully. 

Offering the workshops as a series gives parents a touchstone to reconnect and stay on track with their goals, as peaceful parenting is integrated into their daily life.  They provide a safe place for parents to gain and give support, which creates and strengthens your parent community.  As parents practice self-regulation and begin to respond, instead of react, to the underlying need their child's behavior is showing them, the children's behavior also changes.  More connection between parents and children means children who come to school in a more connected state, with more emotional intelligence, ready to learn and be helpful members and leaders of their student community. 

Whether you are a school, library, preschool, mom's club, parent group or a group of friends that are parents - the workshop series can guide your community toward parenting peacefully.  A series can be once a month, or once a week, depending on what will serve you best.  Please contact Thanna to create a plan that works for you.

  • Peaceful Parent 101 - Would you like to feel more relaxed as a parent and make room for more joy and laughter in your life?  Do you feel there must be a better way?  You can and there is!  In Peaceful Parent 101, I walk you through the science behind, and the three big ideas of Peaceful Parenting.  Parents gain a greater understanding a child's brain development and of the need their child's behavior is showing them, how to increase connection and leave with practical tools to begin using at once.
  • What the Yell?! - Would you like to be heard without yelling?  Do you hear yourself and sometimes wonder, how did you get to this point?  If so, you are not alone.  It is really all about Self-Regulation, the hardest part of parenting.  In this workshop, parents learn that to parent peacefully, they must first be peaceful themselves.  They leave with tools to help them manage their own big feelings and an understanding that allows them to begin healing their triggers.  They learn that Self-care is not only essential, it is also doable without spending money.
  • Setting Limits with Empathy - Are you tired of being stuck in the cycle of punishment?  Would you like to know how to nurture your child's strong-willed personality, instead of feeling like you're trying to break their will and spirit in order to get them to comply?  In this workshop, parents learn to Welcome all Emotions, while Setting Limits on Behavior, with Empathy.  Children need us to be their leader and they need us to set limits, with empathy, to feel safe, stay connected and grow an inner moral compass.  This workshop teaches you how. 
  • Connection Creates Cooperation - Are you wondering what would make your child Want to behave? Would you like to feel more connected to your child and less controlling as a parent?  We all want more cooperation, right?  Dr. Markham says, "Parenting is 80-90% about connection and 10-20% about coaching."  Connection is the heart of Peaceful Parenting.  This workshop teaches families how to increase connection and bring more joy, not to mention cooperation, into their lives. After all, Connection is the sweetest part of parenting and is what makes all the hard work worth it.
  • Follow the Giggles: A Guide to Rough & Tumble Fun - Do you break into a sweat thinking about "Rough Housing"?  Do the words, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye" ever come out of your mouth?  Perhaps you think rough housing is just not for you.  If any of those statements ring true, this workshop is definitely for you!  All mammals play and the ones with the highest emotional intelligence, play the most.  In this workshop we learn why roughhousing is so important.  We also discover games that get kids giggling and releasing anxiety.  Parents leave with roughhousing games to play, even when they're tired.  It makes it accessible to all parents - not just crazy dads and uncles!
  • Siblings: From Rivals to Friends for Life - Are you experiencing nonstop bickering and endless fighting between your children?  Do you wonder when they will learn how to get along and be the friends you intended them to be?  This workshop gives parents a deeper understanding of sibling rivalry and their role in supporting positive sibling relationships. 
  • Teaching Peace: Conflict Resolution - Do you feel like a judge that is constantly called in to the current emergency?  Is your presence needed to decide who is at fault, deliver a fair consequence and solve every problem?  Reframing conflict as an opportunity to practice problem solving skills helps remove that "it's an emergency" feeling.  Teaching children how to find a solution together, not only teaches siblings how to problem solve, negotiate and find win-win solutions - it also frees you from the role of judge and jury.
  • Surviving the Holidaze - Do you dread the social obligations, family gatherings and stress of the holiday frenzy?  So many people want to hide away during the jolliest time of year.  In this workshop, parents learn to prioritize their family's values.  We explore the role and importance traditions and rituals play in family life.  Parents learn how to make memories with more connection, joy and relaxation, transforming the potentially stressful time into a festive time of year.
  • Introducing a New Sibling - Considering adding a new member to your family?  Wondering how your child will handle sharing the spotlight with the new baby?  How you introduce the idea of a new sibling and set the stage can make the difference between sworn rivals or friends for life.  Let me help you set yourself up for the greatest success to make this a joyful transition.
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