What If's of Special Time

Special Time is the fastest way to increase connection with your child. It is also provides parents a window into their world, because children process everything they’re dealing with through play. As Maria Montessori said, Play is the work of the child. If you missed part one read, What is So Special About Special Time?! Let’s talk What If’s What If you are cringing at the idea of playing? This is a common reaction. Lots of us have forgotten how to play. Maybe you never really had the chance when you were young. Or, maybe it is simply uncomfortable to get down on the floor. Psst - It is okay to sit on a cushion or chair. Think of yourself as a detective looking for clues to see what yo

What is So Special About Special Time?!

Since June 2017, I have been excited to write about Special Time. Every month I think of the connection that makes Special Time a perfect subject. Why? Because, it is ALWAYS a good time to increase the connection we have with our children. Connection is truly the secret ingredient to having more joy in life and being a happy parent. It has been said it is the reason for the human experience. Dr. Markham says, Parenting is 80-90% about connection and maybe 10-20% coaching. Connection Creates Cooperation. Honestly, it the only road to gaining cooperation from our kids. It really is what makes parenting peacefully possible. The analogy of maintaining a car to explain the benefits of Prev

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